New Ventures

EmVision will Partner with Companies

EmVision will partner or collaborate with approximately five(5) ventures at any one time.  These ventures may be at the proof of concept stage, others at the prototyping stage and many are in an early start-up stage and working to develop an optimal Raman system or Raman solution.  Because of the many new ventures we have worked with over the years, we feel EmVision can add tremendous value as a subject matter expert (SME) in Raman probes, Raman spectrometers, other Raman hardware (e.g. lasers and cameras / CCDs) and in Raman systems and solutions, and generally as a Raman partner for the new venture to lean-on for knowledge and advice from our years of experience.

As of the first 4-months of 2019, EmVision is partnering with three(3) ventures.  As is typical, they were good customers for EmVision, the customer recognizes EmVision’s expertise as a SME in Raman hardware, systems and solutions, and the customer desires a closer and broader relationship to achieve their goals.  These customers tend to be SMEs in other fields or industries.  Because of EmVision’s work with leading-edge researchers and exposure to most manufacturers related to Raman, we gain invaluable insight for helping ventures develop the optimal Raman system for their needs.

 ODS Medical is one of the images shown above, and this is one of EmVision’s current partnering ventures.  ODS is a medical device company and is creating real-time diagnostic tools using Raman spectroscopy for cancers of the brain and prostate.  ODS, along with an associated medical facility and university, uses EmVision’s HT Spectrometer, various probes (both standard and custom) and spectroscopy accessories.  Prescient Medical is also shown above.  Prescient previously collaborated with EmVision, and utilized standard and custom probes for heart disease diagnostics and treatment of vulnerable plaque.

At the current stage and rate of change of Raman spectroscopy, EmVision believes such collaborations are very important.  We have found that combining our customer’s expertise with EmVision’s expertise is synergistic and helps the customer to better achieve their goals, helps EmVision to better understand our customer’s needs and the market-place, and generally helps to advance and accelerate the use of Raman spectroscopy across many different industries and applications.  Please consider EmVision, and we look forward to hopefully partnering with you!