Peer Reviewed Articles

EmVision started 2019 with 5 peer reviewed articles in 4 months on several very exciting applications, and 10 articles in the past 16 months

EmVision is in the fortunate position of having customers asking to jointly co-author articles, or EmVision’s contribution is recognized in the Acknowledgements and / or body of the technical articles as supplying the spectrometer, probe or both.  We feel these peer reviewed articles are representative of our customer’s (and their peer’s) view of EmVision’s products and contribution to their work, and provide a good overview of the breadth of applications where our spectrometers (pink button), probes (green button) and custom designs (brown button) are being successfully used.

Apr-2019,  “Multivariate discrimination of head shock proteins using a fiber optic Raman setup for in situ analysis of human perilymph”, Review of Scientific Instruments, M. Hohl, C. Zellinger, et al.

Mar-2019, “Development and first in-human use of a Raman spectroscopy guidance system integrated with a brain biopsy needle”, Journal of Biophotonics, J. Desrouches, E. Lemoine, et al.

Mar-2019,  “In Vivo Flow Cytometry of Extremely Rare Circulating Cells”, Nature Scientific Reports, X. Tan, R. Patil, et al.

Feb-2019, “Integration of a Raman spectroscopy system to a robotic-assisted surgical system for real-time tissue characterization during radical prostatectomy procedures”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, M. Pinto, K. Zorn, et. al.

Jan-2019,  “In Vivo Monitoring of Rare Circulating Tumor Cell and Cluster Dissemination in a Multiple Myeloma Xenograft Model”, bioRxiv, R. Patil, X. Tan, et al.

Sep-2018, “Development of a visually guided Raman spectroscopy probe for cervical assessment during pregnancy”, Journal of Biophotonics, C. O’Brien, K. Cochran, et al.

Aug-2018,  “Mesoscopic characterization of prostate cancer using Raman spectroscopy: potential for diagnostics and therapeutics”, BJU International, K. Aubertin, V. Quoc Trinh, et al.

May-2018, “In vivo Raman spectroscopy for biochemical monitoring of the human cervix during pregnancy”, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, C. O’Brien, E. Vargis, et al.

Jan-2018,  “A new method using Raman spectroscopy for in vivo targeted brain cancer tissue biopsy”, Nature Scientific Reports, J. Desroches, M. Jermyn, et al.

Jan-2018, “Development and characterization of a handheld hyperspectral Raman imaging probe system for molecular characterization of tissue on mesoscopic scales”, Medical Physics, K. St-Arnaud, K. Aubertin, et. al.

Jul-2017,  “Highly Accurate Detection of Cancer In Situ with Intraoperative, Label-Free, Multimodal Optical Spectroscopy”, Cancer Research, M. Jermyn, J. Mercier, et al.

Mar-2017, “Diffuse fluorescence fiber probe for in vivo detection of circulating cells”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, V. Pera, X. Tan, et al.

Jan-2017,  “Clinical characterization of in vivo inflammatory bowel disease with Raman spectroscopy”, Biomedical Optics Express, I. Pence, D. Beaulieu, et al.

Feb-2015, “Intraoperative brain cancer detection with Raman spectroscopy in humans”, Science Translational Medicine, M. Jermyn, K. Mok, et al.

Aug-2014,  “Design and characterization of a novel multimodal fiber optic probe and spectroscopy system for skin cancer applications”, Review of Scientific Instruments, M. Sharma, E. Marple, et al.