Custom Design

This is Where it All Started and Innovation Continues

EmVision started as a custom probe designer and manufacturer over a decade ago, and today customers continue to depend on EmVision for its market-leading engineering design and manufacturing.  As one customer said “EmVision builds probes that others cannot”.  EmVision has built dozens of different designs, and our standard probe product line is derived from our years of custom building.  EmVision has built many variations of our standard product line (Raman Lensed, Endoscopic, Multi-spectroscopy), Raman SORS probes, Raman Grin Lensed probes, Raman needle probes (and in combination with a biopsy capability) and combination Raman and imaging probes, to name but a few.  Some of our more recent designs are pictured above, and a description of those probes, along with their referenced peer reviewed articles, are below.

   While custom probes are mainly highlighted in this section, we have also built many custom accessories to help customers achieve their goals.  Finally, while our HT Spectrometer is a standard product, we have worked with customers to optimize the spectrometer and whole Raman system.

Side-viewing Raman Brain Biopsy Probe

Pictured in the top left two images is a Raman probe integrated with a brain biopsy needle used for in situ brain tissue interrogation.  This probe allows for a navigation-guided fiberoptic side-viewing Raman measurement of tissue immediately followed by a biopsy of the tissue.  This remarkable probe is under 1 mm (900 µm) in diameter and contains EmVision’s mainstay design of a central laser emitting fiber surrounded by twelve collection fibers (all 100 µm fibers), similar filters and a side-viewing lens design.  The Raman system includes EmVision’s HT Spectrometer.  Please see the website peer reviewed article from Mar-2019 on “Development and first in-human use of a Raman spectroscopy guidance system integrated with a brain biopsy needle”.

Robotic-assisted Prostate Endoscopic Probe

Pictured in the top center two images is a robotic-assisted surgical system used for real-time Raman tissue characterization in prostate surgical procedures.  This Raman spectroscopy system includes an EmVision HT Spectrometer and a variation of our Endoscopic probe which is 2.5 mm in diameter, 12 mm long, contains a single laser emitting fiber and 12 collection fibers and has an outer tube designed to facilitate robotic grasping.  Please see the website peer reviewed article from Feb-2019 on “Integration of a Raman spectroscopy system to a robotic-assisted surgical system for real-time tissue characterization during radical prostatectomy procedures”.

Visually Guided Cervical Raman Probe

Pictured in the top right first image is a visually guided Raman spectroscopy probe used for cervical assessment during pregnancy.   This visual guidance probe combines our Raman Lensed Probe alongside a small camera, and both encircled by illumination fibers.  The Raman probe is used for biochemical monitoring via Raman spectroscopy and the camera for visualizing the measurement location to ensure the location is free of cervial mucus and blood.  Please see the website peer reviewed article from Sep-2018 on “Development of a visually guided Raman spectroscopy probe for cervical assessment during pregnancy”.

Imaging Brain Raman Probe

Pictured in the top right second image is a handheld hyperspectral Raman imaging probe system used for molecular characterization of brain tissue.  The Raman system includes a customized EmVision HT Spectrometer, and a custom handheld Raman imaging probe consisting of a square array of 400 x 400 fibers of 10 µm diameter each.  Rather than a single-point probe, this Raman imaging probe has a field of view of 14 square mm.  Please see the website peer reviewed article from Jan-2018 on “Development and characterization of a handheld hyperspectral Raman imaging probe system for molecular characterization of tissue on mesoscopic scales”.