Whether for Higher Performance, Greater Ease of Use or a Unique Specialty Component

EmVision designs and builds various Raman accessories from its patented multi-fiber connector, to its removable wand, to various specialty components.  The impetus for creating these accessories is usually a customer desire for higher performance, greater ease of use or a unique specialty component that a customer can’t find elsewhere.

Please see our website’s Spectrometer or Probe pages where we talk about “tip-to-chip” performance and EmVision has found the probe-to-spectrometer connector to be critical.  In fact so critical, EmVision went to the effort of creating our own multi-fiber connector.  A traditional SMA connector requires the user to orient the fibers exactly the same from one connection to the next.  Meanwhile, EmVision’s patented multi-fiber connector can only be inserted one-way, the fibers are precisely aligned every connection and the connector “snaps-in” to ensure the fiber contact is repeatable.  The through-put and performance is optimized from the probe tip, through our connector and through-out our spectrometer to the camera / CCD chip (ie. superior “tip-to-chip” performance to deliver the best Raman data set to our customer).

Meanwhile, EmVision’s removable wand is designed for our 2.1 mm (0.083″) OD probes (meaning both our Raman Lensed Probe and Multi-spectroscopy Probe).  Installation and removal of the wand is quick and easy, and when installed on the probe, the wand has a 6.35 mm (0.25″) OD and provides a larger diameter for the user to more easily hold and manipulate the probe.  The removable wand is also an integral part of our newly introduced sample chamber which can be used with all EmVision probes on solids, powders or liquids.

Finally, EmVision builds specialty components to better serve our customers.  From unique fiber optic adapters and couplers to specialty fiber optic jumpers, EmVision transforms a customer’s design concept or hard to find fiber optic component into reality.