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Our innovative spectroscopic products enable efficient in vivo data collection.

Superior Performance.

EmVision offers high performance, small form factor fiber-optic spectroscopy systems for use in laboratory research and medical diagnostic research. With filtered probe diameters of less than 1mm, EmVision enables applications that were never before possible. Performance is not sacrificed with the small form factor, light collection meets or exceeds large form factor designed probes.


Patented Designs.

One of EmVision's key assets is its Intellectual Property. We are proud of the advances and inventions we have made in the optical spectroscopy space. For EmVision, the patent process is a priority, both from the perspective of protecting our investments and from the perspective of promoting advances in medical diagnostics. EmVision’s patents include 4 issued and several pending patents and with 60 issued invention claims as of January 2015. The latest list of US issued patents can be found in this site.


Proven Results.

EmVision products are being used to explore, advance and diagnose a multitude of medical applications. Researchers in ten countries at over 30 different companies and institutions are expanding their knowledge with our assistance. Amazing results, such as those referenced in a recent publication in the Journal of Science, can be achieved with tailored systems from EmVision LLC.


Creative Designs. Innovative Raman Solutions & Systems

Raman systems optimized for integration with high performance Raman medical probes offer high signal to noise ratios, sub-second integration times and repeatable measurements from connection-to-connection.

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size and performance characteristics that enable in vivo diagnostics.

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