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About EmVision

Eric Marple
Kirk Urmey

Formed in 2006, EmVision started as a designer and manufacturer of custom Raman probes.  Early-on, EmVision’s customers were mostly research-driven universities, national laboratories and companies.  Our customer’s research was being conducted across a breadth of applications and industries.  It wasn’t long until several universities and companies approached EmVision to collaborate; mostly in medical and biomedical.  EmVision developed a reputation as subject matter experts (SMEs) in Raman probes (especially small-sized probes) and hardware.

In 2014, EmVision developed its own spectrometer – the HT Spectrometer.  This development largely resulted from our desire to optimize probe and spectrometer performance and the need for very high overall performance.   Today, EmVision has a standard product line of probes including our Raman Lensed Probe, Raman Endoscopic Probe and Multi-spectroscopy Probe, as well as continuing to design custom probes.  EmVision also continues to collaborate and partner with customers to help them deliver on their goals with regard to Raman solutions.

Inquire about how our CS, HT and EH spectrometers can enable your application. EmVision will continue to add to its standard product line of probes and accessories, as well as continuing with custom designs and builds, to help our customers meet their Raman needs.  Finally, EmVision will continue to partner with a limited number of new ventures to align our interest and help them succeed.