Raman Spectroscopy is a rapidly changing field where new applications and advancements are happening daily.  Interest in Raman Spectroscopy is snowballing, along with an interest in applying Raman in new ways.  Simultaneously, new Raman hardware (lasers, probes, spectrometers and cameras), software and data analytics (including chemometric models and AI) seem to be changing just as rapidly.

Finally, Raman Spectroscopy is quickly moving from the laboratory to the field; whether this be in terms of portable units or units being installed in a process.  Sensors are increasingly being deployed in-process to collect data in ever increasingly frequencies.  Operators are looking beyond traditional pressure, temperature and vibration sensors, in their desire to measure process quality, detect process anomalies and improve process efficiencies.  Raman probes and Raman Spectroscopy appear to be in the right place at the right time being deployed in processes for characterization and composition measurement.