emvision spectrometers & Probes have performed in the most demanding environments

Whether its EmVision's HT Spectrometer & Raman Lensed Probe being used in situ during human brain surgery or our Endoscopic Probe run in vivo in a human's prostate (robotic) or GI tract (non-robotic), EmVision's products are deployed in some of the most demanding environments and applications


Starting in Life Sciences and Lab Research, and Broader Plans

Early-on, EmVision’s customers were mostly research-driven universities, national labs and R&D departments of companies.  Our customer’s research has been conducted across a breadth of applications and industries.  Today, we organize those applications and industries as follows:

A. Life Sciences

   1. Medical and Biomedical

   2. Pharmaceutical

   3. Biotechnology

   4. Analytical Chemistry

B. Research and Labs

   1. University Research and Labs

   2. Government Research and National Labs

   3. Forensics, Narcotics, Explosives and Military

   4. Research and Development – Public and Private

C. Industrial Process and New Product Development

   1. Industrial and Manufacturing

   2. Environmental

   3. Process Monitoring

   4. New Product Development

D. Energy and Chemical

   1. Oil and Gas (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream)

   2. Nuclear

   3. Petrochemical

   4. Chemical