HT Raman Spectrometer

Performance from Necessity

Created from our customer’s need for higher performance, EmVision’s HT Raman Spectrometer was designed and manufactured to meet this need.  Whether in the operating room, probing endoscopically within the human body or performing lab research, our customer’s desire for high signal to noise ratios, sub-second integration times and repeatable measurements has been met.  

The rigorous demands of having a high through-put Raman system that is optimized from the probe tip, through the probe-spectrometer connector, throughout the spectrometer and on to the CCD chip cannot be overemphasized.  The photon counts on the CCD chip establish the critical data set relied upon by Raman libraries and chemometric models.  In many ways, we believe EmVision is unique in the industry by optimizing “tip-to-chip” performance and delivering an optimized Raman data set.

 The HT Raman Spectrometer is a volume phase holographic transmission grating based instrument.  The f/2.2 design is optically matched for the EmVision product line of fiber optic probes.  While EmVision does not manufacture a laser, CCD or software, we partner with a handful of outside manufacturers who deliver similar premium products.

CS Raman Spectrometer

A More Compact Spectrometer

The CS Raman Spectrometer is EmVision’s latest addition to their spectrometer product line.  The CS is one-third smaller than the HT, and similarly integrates to our probes for high throughout, high signal to noise and short integration times.

Basically, the CS is a scaled-down version of the HT in terms of size, weight, performance and price.  The CS utilizes the same general design and internal components as the HT, but those components are smaller and less complex.  Generally, the CS can be thought of as delivering one-third less than the HT.

The CS Raman Spectrometer is also a volume phase holographic transmission grating based instrument, utilizes our patented multi-fiber connector and optimally integrates to our fiber optic probes for “tip-to-chip” high performance.  Again, EmVision partners with certain laser and CCD vendors to deliver the optimal system to meet our customer’s needs.