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EmVision HT Raman Spectrometer

HT Raman Spectrometer Design.

The HT Raman Spectrometer is a volume phase holographic transmission grating based instrument that has been optimized for use with EmVision’s high performance fiber optic probes. Housed in a robust all aluminum housing, this instrument has been designed to fill the need for applications requiring high sensitivity measurements with fast acquisition times. The HT Raman Spectrometer system incorporates the spectrograph, laser blocking filter and CCD in a rigid enclosure with a support ledge for auxiliary equipment such as power supplies. The f/2.2 design is optically matched for the EmVision line of fiber optic probes. Paired with Andor’s iVac CCD camera and EmVision's proprietary connector system, the HT Raman Spectrometer provides the fastest, highest S/N ratio collection of fiber optic probe based Raman data available today.

When combined with one of EmVision’s high performance Raman filtered fiber optic probes, the HT Raman Spectrometer will provide the opportunity to explore applications previously not possible. Primarily developed for medical research applications, EmVision offers the smallest commercially available Raman filtered fiber optic probes. Medical procedures that require flexible endoscopic probes are now possible that also enable short integration times and high signal quality.

  • Spectrometer Construction

    The HT Raman Spectrometer is constructed to ensure system stability and reliable, repeatable measurements. The case is manufactured using rigid anodized aluminum and is precision machined to maintain precise optical alignment.

  •                               camera side view                                                                        back view                                                                        side view

    Spectrometer Multi-Fiber Input

    The HT Raman Spectrometer features a multi-fiber optical connector assembly (patented) containing a keyed connector for a fiber optic probe. This keyed multi-fiber connector utilizes a connector that easily plugs into and unplugs from the connector housing while ensuring highly repeatable fiber positioning into the spectrometer. The multi-fiber optical connector assembly guides light rays from the fiber optic probe assembly into the spectrometer in a consistent repeatable fashion reducing data variability often associated with other spectrometer input designs. The technology is very beneficial in applications requiring frequent probe removal, such as sterilization procedures, to ensure consistent fiber orientation to the spectrometer slit upon re-insertion. The multi-fiber optical connector assembly does not contain any optical elements between the connector and the connector housing or the mechanical slit. This direct input results in short acquisition times and high signal-to-noise ratios for the spectrometer. (Note: Other probe interfaces such as SMA and ferrules are available.)


  • System Performance

    The following demonstrates the quality of spectra obtained with the HT Raman Spectrometer and an EmVision Raman filtered lensed 2.1mm O.D. fiber optic probe. All spectra are taken with a 785 nm laser at 25 mW as measured at the sample with a 50 micron slit. The spectrometer is equipped with an Andor iVac CCD camera. All spectra are raw, as-collected spectra.

  • Specifications


      Raman Laser

      785 nm
      Spectral Range


      -350 cm-1 to 2,100 cm-1
      (807 nm to 940 nm)


      Slit Size Range


      50-300 microns






      Laser Blocking Filter


      Optical Density > 6 at 785 nm




      Volume phase holographic transmission


      Probe Input Connector


      Keyed snap-in linear connector (patented)
      Up to (9) linear 300 micron core fibers




      Andor iVac CCD camera, other cameras available

    Physical - Base Unit
      Spectrometer Dimensions   (length x width x height)   

      16.73” L x 10.79” W x 5.75” H
      42.49 cm L x 27.41 cm W x 14.60 cm H




      23.5 lbs., camera not included
      10.7 kg, camera not included


      Enclosure Type


      Anodized aluminum


      Recommended Operating Temperature


      68 deg F (min) / 77 deg F (max)
      20 deg C (min) / 25 deg C (max)


      Relative Humidity


      20 to 80%

    Electrical Data - Base Unit

      Input Voltage


      16.73” L x 10.79” W x 5.75” H
      42.49 cm L x 27.41 cm W x 14.60 cm H


      (not included)

      Approved PC for Andor Solis software